Outspoken Design Language

Milan Design Week 2019
nhow Hotel
Via Tortona 35

Retrospective DL 2019

Press Release DL 2019

CARA \ DAVIDE / Connecting the Dots  / Enlightened Design / JHA Porcelain / Viviana Degrandi / Morgan Ruben / Francesco Meda / Fuschini / Geke Lensink / Gifu PERSPECTIVE / Katenngecchi / K-INO INOMATA ART / Kojima-Orimono / Maarten Olden / Mario Milana / Matteo Vilardo / DUCA DI CAMASTRA / Scandinavia Form / STIP / USIT

This year’s edition of Design Language revolves around honest, outspoken communication of personal identity and culture. Each of the many participating studios and brands reflect their own unique universe, journey and story, and are eager to express their individuality and values. But in a design exhibition, these philosophies must be conveyed through objects – so how do you say something without talking? Forget words. Carve it in marble, weave it in fabric, mould it, forge it, dye it, glaze it, mount it, sand it. Ideas are cast in body, color, dimension and texture, and become unique narratives.

This is design’s language.


Located in Zona Tortona, the nhow hotel is an iconic design hotel renowned for its design oriented clientele, curated art and design exhibitions during the year and its grand cocktail parties.

Next to the reception lies the 700m2 space  that was destined to become a luxurious spa. Therefore, it remained hidden for many years and only recently became available as an exhibition space.

The bright, minimal-industrial space makes the perfect backdrop for a variety of design languages, not taking focus away from what is on display.