Design Language is a trade exhibition exploring cultural identity during the Milan Design Week for international product and furniture designers and brands.

The exhibition, composed of quality works with cultural authenticity, aims to show a large variety of different design languages from around the world and is complemented with a series of talks by a selection of exhibitors and external speakers.

By creating an international platform, the exhibition connects and differentiates spoken and visual language, exploring the capacity of an object to narrate different cultures and society.

Connecting the Dots and studio CARA \ DAVIDE together with Fondazione Milano and the City of Milan set up this large international exhibition for the first time in 2017.

The Design Language organisation collaborates with various external parties such as Altiero Spinelli College, Bureau Deleau, Guus van Maarschalkerweerd from Design Connector, Shuji Tono, Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica from studio CARA \ DAVIDE, and Gisele Leiva.

Connecting the Dots is behind the production of Design Language. The Dutch organisation is specialist in promoting designers and brands internationally by organising design exhibitions and making publications. Amongst other events, Connecting the Dots have been active during Milan Design Week, London Design Festival, Dutch Design Week, Guangzhou Design Week and Hong Kong Business of Design Week. Connecting the Dots was founded in 2009 by David Heldt, Heldt is active in organising and curating international events and publications since 1999.

Co-founder of Design Language is design studio CARA \ DAVIDE, a collaboration between Cara Judd (South Africa) and Davide Gramatica (Italy). The studio is based in Milan and specialized in working with a variety of clients offering creative consultancy in studios or on privately commissioned projects.