The second edition of Design Language takes place in a hotel, a symbolic space where culture and language coincide.


In a brand new location within the nhow hotel of Zona Tortona, Design Language is a trade exhibition exploring cultural identity during the Milan Design Week 2018.


The trade show and conference aims to create business opportunities for a variety of networks including companies, studios and individual designers.


The exhibition, composed of quality works with cultural authenticity, aims to show a large variety of different design languages from around the world and is complemented with a series of talks by a selection of exhibitors and external speakers.


Connecting the Dots and studio CARA \ DAVIDE together with Fondazione Milano and the City of Milan set up this large international exhibition for the first time in 2017. 


By creating an international platform, the exhibition connects and differentiates spoken and visual language, exploring the capacity of an object to narrate different cultures and society.


In a series of conferences, international speakers are invited to discuss the theme of Design Language and the cultural identity in our era. The unique collaboration with Fondazione Milano allows the talks to be simultaneously translated in various languages.