The Conversation Piece

DL 2020
Milano Design Week, 21-26 April
nhow Hotel, Via Tortona 35

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The Converstation Piece

Design speaks, and more and more so. That’s why the theme of the upcoming Design Language exhibition is The Conversation Piece. We challenge brands, labels and designers around the world to join us and have a conversation with us through their work.  

When we choose the objects that surround us we seek for more than its function alone, we seek items that speak our personal language, that communicate what feels sound with our identity. Furniture, clothes, technology, art, etc. can all express this personality. All design bares this quality, that we can also call taste or style. 

Personal styles float on the waves of trends and developing insights; design languages that come in fashion and disappear and sometimes return. Who designs new design languages? 

Go to a mainstream furniture and interior multinational and you find items that radiate styles that emerged about 5 years ago at the Milan Design Week. The traditional trade fair has given way to a playground for new innovations and trends, the exposed works represent the ‘haute couture’ for design. Presentations at the Milan Design Week more and more are meant to challenge the visitor, provoke, seek for attention, and propose an alternative way of living. Also visitors, professionals or not, do not come for Prêt-à-Porter furniture alone. 

“When I browse the salone I see the exposed works as carriers of information, the craft, origin, footprint, function, context, its all there. Its not relevant if I like what I see or not, or if I would like to own it; what is important is if it represents a relevant argument for its existence. Some stories stick immediately and sometimes it’s weeks later that I recognise a common theme within various different stories, that red thread is what can emerge into a new style” says David Heldt, co-founder of Design Language.

Located in Zona Tortona, the nhow hotel is an iconic design hotel renowned for its design oriented clientele, curated art and design exhibitions during the year and its grand cocktail parties.

Next to the reception lies the 700m2 space  that was destined to become a luxurious spa. Therefore, it remained hidden for many years and only recently became available as an exhibition space.

The bright, minimal-industrial space makes the perfect backdrop for a variety of design languages, not taking focus away from what is on display.